Business Opportunity

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LifePharm Global Network (LPGN) confidently and thoughtfully chose the network marketing avenue for distributing Laminine because it was the only (and as it turns out, ideal) channel to effectively and efficiently put Laminine into the hands of people everywhere. Rather than relying on retail store staff – who are not required to use or share testimonials and information about the products on their shelves – they knew they needed to differentiate Laminine because it not only makes an incredible difference, it prompts stories that people naturally want to tell! (Click here to read some of these powerful testimonials).


Is It For You?

When was the last time an employer allowed you to design your own job description or name your pay? If you are like most people, the answer is never. LifePharm Global Network invented a totally new approach in network marketing compensation: A plan created entirely “By You, For You”; that is, crafted by their members.

The reason behind the “By You, For You” philosophy is simple: You know and work this business, you use and then share your product experiences and we sincerely want you to know that this company is yours to keep. In fact, LPGN is here to provide a formula that helps you build and enhance your health and wellbeing. And they have coupled it with an innovative business opportunity that can help you build and strengthen your financial health too.



Network marketing is often described as person-to-person sales and sponsoring. I like to refer to LifePharm Global Network as relationship marketing. I believe in establishing a dynamic, strong and synergistic relationship with those who are looking for a product to enhance their health and their life, and a business opportunity to create a better livelihood for themselves.

To that end, LifePharm Global supports you with an extraordinary formula and strategic marketing materials and tools to help you share the product and opportunity easily and effectively. They understand and respect that you will be introducing Laminine to those closest to you, and they take their responsibility to you…and everyone you know and meet…very seriously.

My pledge is to help you every step of the way on your path to improved personal wellbeing and profound professional success. My goal is twofold: to improve the lives of everyone I reach, and to create achievable and sustainable livelihoods everywhere possible.


Whether this is your first experience in network marketing or one of many you have tried, my goal is to make this the best opportunity of your life. I am committed to enhancing your health and enriching your life – and giving you the means to share these benefits with those you know and those you have yet to meet.


Please contact me for information on building your Laminine business.