LifePharm Global’s Laminine Omega+++ promotes optimal blood flow to the brain and organs, optimal blood flow to the heart and rapid recovery following exercise or other physical activity.




Do you experience the following?

  • Heart discomfort
  • Chest discomfort
  • Occasional coughing or wheezing
  • Lack of appetite and/or queasiness
  • Slow recovery following exercise or other activity
  • Brittle hair and/or nails or dry skin


Good health starts with good circulation

The circulatory system develops in the beginning stages of embryonic development and remains vital throughout our lifetime, as it allows our bodies to maintain a stable internal environment. Good circulation also provides optimal blood flow to the brain, heart, and other organs and rapid recovery following exercise or other physical activity.

On the other hand, heart discomfort – especially from increased activity – occasional coughing or wheezing, lack of appetite and/or queasiness, are all warning signs of poor circulatory health.

Combined with Laminine, Laminine Omega+++ targets these symptoms by focusing on the epicenter of our bodies – the area whose strength is essential to us feeling youthful, healthy, and at our very best – the circulatory system..


.Omega+++ Features and Benefits

  • Improved signaling throughout the body
  • More pliable arteries and blood vessels
  • Increased agility
  • Balanced cholesterol levels
  • Extended release and long-term effect


Omega+++ Ingredients

  • Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) sourced from the Engraulis Ringens, a member of the anchovy family that has the highest naturally-occurring ratios of EPA and DHA of any fish species. Helps maintain normal levels of HDL (“good” cholesterol) and LDL (“bad” cholesterol), which keeps excess cholesterol from building and triggers the brain to send proper signals to the circulatory system.
  • Omega 6 and 9 from borage oil from the Mediterranean region
  • CoQ10 Extended Release that mirrors the kind naturally found in the heart and liver. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight oxidative stress in the blood vessels, leaving them clear for proper blood flow.
  • Vitamin K2 fermented from Natto Bacillus subtilis, a bacteria found naturally in the human lower intestine. Helps to direct calcium to the bones and teeth, where it belongs, keeping the calcium from attaching itself to the arteries.
  • Laminine Omega+++ also includes a small boost from the Fertilised Avian Egg Extract (as contained in Laminine), which allows the other ingredients in Laminine Omega+++ to perform their functions more effectively.




“I’d been taking Laminine OMEGA+++ for a month and decided to check on the status of my cardiovascular and circulatory system. All tests came back with positive results—the ‘age’ of my vascular system came back as 48 when in fact I’m 64! I was really stunned and delighted!” – Galina A., U.S.A.

“I took my first two Laminine OMEGA+++ capsules before bed and woke up the next morning feeling so blissful. I had such clarity that day and much more energy. I am aware of my body using it in my brain and now I’m wondering how else it will help!” – Karen S., Australia

“For a while now when I’d have a shower my hair would fall out in chunks, which was very concerning. After only a few days taking Omega+++ this problem has stopped completely!” – Erica M, Australia

“In December I began to take Laminine OMEGA+++. I lost 5 pounds and my fingernails became strong as iron. My focus and memory have improved, and I can remember a surprising number of things that would have escaped me before. I sleep like a baby and for me, there has been a very big improvement in my quality of life.” – Galina L., U.S.A.

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking Laminine OMEGA+++ for a month now and I was a little surprised it worked as quickly as it did. My circulation has improved, I sleep more peacefully and have more stamina. I just started taking Laminine, too! I’m going to take both at the same time so I can take this opportunity to the next level. There is no stopping us now! We’ve truly found great health and wealth in a bottle.” – Damian R., U.S.A.


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